Well hello!

thanks for the invite to the blog! Looking forward to reading your writing about your writing! ;-)

1 thought on “Well hello!”

  1. I do not know what posessed me to start documenting the process, but, hey, we could use it as a tool for future marketing? Or alpha-readers club collaborative discussions, when (and if) it comes to it?

    For now it is just something to consider not in place of email, but as an addition to it, may you find it entertaining. Being alone, and all :-( ?

    Ground rules, however (although a post can always be made private, if it contains a spoiler):

    No real names.
    No gender references (I am neither sure what mine is :-), nor am I set on the pen name. Certainly not the real one)

    If somebody looks up domain name, s/he shall get Ilya’s info, since he is hosting both the site and the blog. Let them ponder…

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