Music Score Sketches

Unexpected treat: Ilya (A.K.A. iG.STUDiO), who is also my webmaster, just informed me that he managed to restore files he thought he had lost due to the hardships of switching to a new phone, resulting in the loss of data in his pocket composition tool (GarageBand for iPhone).


…these are NOT original compositions (I’m still working on the main theme, but it’s shaping up). These are merely mood sketches, created with heavy use of GB’s built-in “smart” instrument patterns in different combinations, designed to mock-up the “epic cinematic” score style. Don’t even get used to the chord sequences. They will definitely change, as the theme is developing to be quite different from these…

Here are little score sketches:

A romantic backdrop:

A little more energetic, but still playful—for Book One chiefly (loop):

A full-throttle heroic build-up for the score of the main conflict (loop):

Resolution, reminiscence, and out for the rolling credits >:-), assuming there are any (in the book trailer there might me some):

…so don’t judge the quality of the melody (there isn’t one). However, if you’re ever in need of Zurbahnian music, you know where to find me…
Cheers, iLY@

Pure fun. :-) And I am certainly going to take him up on his last offer…