To The List Of Illustrations

Floor plan of the Keep, at least of the Verra’s quarters.

Map of Stormhold Castle

Map of Stormhold City (?)

Map of the Circle of Known Lands (this one I at least started…)

Floor plan of The Oaken Chest

What else? (and when… during the review of the first draft by the not yet formed group of alpha readers?)

2 thoughts on “To The List Of Illustrations”

  1. A diagram of a landship? You describe it in such detail, I’d love to see a schematic illustration (and I think it’s an intriguing item unique to your world, but doesn’t give away anything plot-wise like some other intriguing items/characters might if you draw them…)

    1. Certainly! And also a doodle in Dae’s notebooks (as it was mentioned in the earlier chapters), but a diagram would be cool, top view/side view with callouts to parts, etc.

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