Three Concepts of Magic (from older notes)

  1. Gifts—Natural (and not so natural) human abilities, taken to the extreme, like strength, speed, or senses (sight, hearing, smell, all of them).
  2. The six highest leaders of the Mountain Rim Sanctuary had achieved the next stage of telepathic connection—collective consciousness. Every one of them resides in one of six towers of the Rim, watching over the Haven Valley and the Outside World. They rule as one, they have a singular memory pool, and a singular personality. When one of them dies, one of the Devoted (a Twinlink, who was accidentally, or on purpose, severed from their sibling) steps in, so there is always six. This is as close to an immortality, as it could be. Instead of rejuvenating one body, the conclave just replaces one of the six. They has(!) no fear of death, naturally.

  3. Magical Objects (Artifacts)—mysterious objects which do random things. Based on the known postulate, that a higher tech from a more advanced civilization is indistinguishable from pure magic. A magnifying glass could be perceived by a caveman as higher magic, than a laser pointer, and in many ways more practical as well.
  4. Imprinted and Souled Objects (objects, which carry information or emotions).

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