The Wheel of Sacrifice

It has been over a week (seems like more, does it not?) since the dreadful holiday season ceased distracting me from writing, and yet I am still struggling to pommel myself back into my regular routine.

As a result, the scene, on which I am working, is still (at nearly 2400 words) not even close to being finished. I can blame it not only on the number of unrelated events and unscheduled (as well as scheduled—like my eighth chemotherapy session) activities but also on the fact that I have a total of nine people in it, the scene mostly consists of a heated dialog between all of them, and it somehow must lead the story to some meaningful place.

The aforementioned meaningful place is, however, yet to be discovered and I have to type my way there with my chemo-numb tingling fingers, and I know I will. Eventually.

But in the meantime—I have a long overdue “Thank You” to deliver.

I have received the most precious Christmas gift from my editor-in-chief, Dar, and I am in love with it just as much as I am touched by the thought behind it.

It is depicted at the top of the post: an iron Wheel of Sacrifice—the official religious symbol in all five Regions of the Western Domain, masterfully wrought by a blacksmith Brandon Andreski (here is his Four Elements Forge, LLC on Facebook and Etsy pages) and he has my full gratitude for his beautiful craftsmanship and creativity, which truly brought my rather schematic vision of the talisman (below) to life.

Wheel of Sacrifice

The pendant looks and feels exactly like I would imagine it being worn by the Clergy of the Western Domain—rough hammered iron, not some feeble precious metal jewelry, with which the nobles of the land would adorn themselves.

Thank you!

A.T.T. If we are ever to fire up a Kickstarter for this project, these would make awesome favors for higher-level supporters.

T.A.T.T. It also seems to be sturdy enough to stop a knife, if not a bullet, which in these uncertain times is a boon. :-)

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