The Reason to Feel Good

I think, I have one. I only wrote a hundred of words today, but those were the ones, finishing the very important 3000+ word scene—negotiation between Illai and Dae, fighting for who is on top in the situation (the golden boy wins, hehe).

Not only—I think—I managed to make the exchange logical and believable, I have discovered (did I mentioned, that I am a discovery writer?) several absolutely logical and natural ways to progress the story forward, totally compatible with the backstory I have in mind.

Yay to meself.

As much as I was reluctant to follow the traditional “fantasy quest” formula, I am now set on sending Dae alongside Illai, Ngale, and Marque on the short trip to the Norlay Mountain Ridge to look for the Serpent’s egg. This way Verra gets left in the Castle all alone (not counting Venny) to deal with the sudden development of her father’s unexpected illness, and Dae gets to piss Marque off a few more times. Priceless.

And I get to write a camping scene! I have absolutely no idea, why it makes me happy. Hm.

A.T.T. Just try to guess, who hired Crag for a hit on our boy…

4 thoughts on “The Reason to Feel Good”

  1. I totally get it — camping scenes are super fun :-)

    Hm…who hired Crag for the first task or for the second task? (or is it one and the same?)

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