Writer’s Block, or a Slight Case of Between-the-Scenes Anxiety

In my case, the notorious writer’s block manifests itself as a difficulty in coming up with the start and end of another scene. The line in and line out are very important for my process, and often they just come to me naturally. And, sometimes they do not. And, once in a while, I have a hard time figuring out logical continuations to events which just happened in my story, because the longer and more complex the story grows, the more things seem to happen by themselves—at least I feel like I have less and less control over them.

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I Should Stop Measuring My Progress in Words

img_2117Apparently, it is not working. I wrote 1,400 yesterday, finishing a 2,250+ word scene, which was never supposed to grow that long. It just did, mostly because I had committed to diligently show things instead of telling the reader about them, but those things were—in my biased opinion—really worth showing, so… I am 1,400 words ahead of where I was before, and one tiny step closer to the main conflict. I still have to spend at least one more scene convincing my main character to do what she is supposed to do.

Had I an outline, which consisted of more than five items, I could have been measuring my progress by advancing along it, but, alas, in my case, I have been at plot point three for the last several months. Only the words keep heaping up—396,000+ as of this morning.

So there goes my tentative goal of 450,000 words total. It now looks like 500,000. Hard to believe that some time ago, I thought that I might be done at around 300,000. Ha. Ha. Ha.

It is, however, abundantly clear to me that if I did have a detailed outline, I would never find the strength to go through with this project. I would likely write a chapter or two, then calculate that it would take me over a decade to get to the end, and simply quit. There would be no way I would even get to the mark at which I am now. Discovering my way through, lets me successfully convince myself that I am actually going to finish it some day.

And it is way more fun than filling placeholders in an outline.

How do people manage to write 120,000 word novels? My prologue alone is 17,000+ and I consider it somewhat of a short story…

Another Thing for the Mantel

After typing out three scenes, which apparently wrote themselves completely against my will—and are now demanding at least one follow-up scene—I have another addition to my already filling up mantel.

Torq—Marque’s horse—has just joined the ranks of Lady Seyanna,  Onnoquo, and the pain-enhancing potion.

Lady Seyanna Hillborn has no lines whatsoever, and in my honest opinion, in novels people without lines do not deserve to have names. It was however, difficult and awkward to refer to her ladyship as just “a mid-tier local noblewoman” in the scenes where she is mentioned, so now I have to deal with her somehow.

She resides in the City, so the most likely access to her would be through Illai’s POV.

I just need to invent a purpose for her.

What if… Ah. Got it. It is relatively easy…

The two (or three) scenes, which just materialized out of nowhere, were a new (or somewhat new, as the person was brushed past before) character introduction through real interaction with the people we already know.

The person is now fleshed out and acting—a few days before I initially planned to activate the character—and I have a chance to tie together several seemingly unrelated plot lines in one tight knot. It might, however, end up being a distraction from the main story line, so I am not yet set on it… we shall see.


The talking pet bird clearly needs more say in the narrative. Yes, pun intended. Shall work on that. Access POVs: Venny? Northhill? Verra? Nobody else is in the Castle at the moment. Hm…

The pain enhancer is still the hardest to deal with. Why in the Void had I thunked up such a thing?

I should be able to put it to good use, though—after all, I had not a clue how Marque’s Gift actually worked for the better part of the book, and now the magic of it is shaping up rather believably, at least I think it is…

So… The pain enhancer. That might need some work…


TTOW: 386,500 or close


Another scene finished (Illai’s POV), bringing the total of words to a tad over 360,000. All Lord. It is easier to write a continuous sequence of events from the same POV than to switch all the time from one to another. If only I knew how to orchestrate the thing that is supposed to happen next, I’d probably continue, but, alas, I have yet to figure it out. So, for now, I am going back to the morning of the same day and switching the POV to Captain Northhill, just to keep the momentum…


Nerding up the Prologue: Footnotes!

I just had an epiphany.

I am going to move most of the newly introduced made-up secondary world names from the very first “book excerpt” (about the Flats) into the footnotes, immediately following it, so people who do not care, can skip them and keep reading.

And those nerds who do care, can read footnotes!

I am a nerd, of course, but being hammered by a dozen made-up names of places on the first page seems a bit cruel…

Another Chapter Finished


Chapter Eighteen—Things Avoided, Observed, and Decoded (working title, as usual), at a humble 18,633 words, thus bringing the total to 337,090.

Some minor plotlines were stumbled upon another stretch of discovery writing, hope they will eventually lead where they should.

One can only hope :-/