Another Milestone: 500,000 Words

And counting. I nearly missed this one—only yesterday I was still three or four hundred words away from it, and I do write slowly—but another scene is in and all of a sudden I am past 500K.

This is what happens when you start with a five-bullet-point outline, a strong sense of direction and absolutely no idea what you are doing.

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On Dragon’s Physiology

I have finally come up with a totally original concept for the Dragon’s physiology (about time, too—only 4/5 of the story done)! I now know how it works!

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Awakening Magic

From older notes:

The traditional concepts of awakening magic, like spells, passes/gestures, potions and so on, must be tied to the three kinds of magic, discussed earlier. For the Gifts, spell could be a concentration mantra, to help to invoke the ability, gestures—a combination of moves, like a dance or a martial art form, performed for the same reason. Potions, naturally, are performance enhancing drugs. For the Imprinted (Souled? Sounds too close to “soiled”, but that could be the case, too…) Objects—the same principle, for the Heeder needs to get himself into the state of trance to communicate with the stored soul.

The spell for the Magical Object could be a voice command for a higher tech, gesture as well, a form of interface, potion could be fuel for some of them, or catalyst of sorts…