Spat on everything, sat down and hammered 800 words in two hours. Probably crap—or mostly crap—but the camping scenes are finished, and I can get back to the Castle. At this point whatever moves me and all my people to the finish is good.


TTOW: 339,529 out of All Lord knows how many. Take that, 90,000-word novelists.

Castle Strata

The unfortunate abstinence of writing (life gets in the way all the time) makes me resort to stealing a second or two to blog random things—this is an unfinished sketch of Castle Strata as seen from the Up City cliffs, found in Dae’s notebooks—just to make me feel that I am not abandoning my story…

On Dae’s Reason to Come to Stormhold

Not, that I want to change it—he is definitely dispatched there by Atta—it’s just that he would, probably, never tell the truth about it to Ngale. Seems out of character. He should joke about it and maybe later admit that someone recommended the place as a nice city to visit, which would make Ngale suspect something. Dae should tell it to Verra, though, so the reader knows the truth. 

On Horses

I should give Verra a horse (raven black small Highlander mare with a meaningful—or whimsical—name), which she used to ride, but cannot anymore because of Captain’s inability to assign an appropriate convoy to her.

She would think of her, when contemplating her options of escaping the Castle, maybe even visit the stable to pet her, while thinking about the offer she just received.

Marque recalls Verra being good on the horseback in the beginning already, I may expand on that a bit…

The Reason to Feel Good

I think, I have one. I only wrote a hundred of words today, but those were the ones, finishing the very important 3000+ word scene—negotiation between Illai and Dae, fighting for who is on top in the situation (the golden boy wins, hehe).

Not only—I think—I managed to make the exchange logical and believable, I have discovered (did I mentioned, that I am a discovery writer?) several absolutely logical and natural ways to progress the story forward, totally compatible with the backstory I have in mind.

Yay to meself.

As much as I was reluctant to follow the traditional “fantasy quest” formula, I am now set on sending Dae alongside Illai, Ngale, and Marque on the short trip to the Norlay Mountain Ridge to look for the Serpent’s egg. This way Verra gets left in the Castle all alone (not counting Venny) to deal with the sudden development of her father’s unexpected illness, and Dae gets to piss Marque off a few more times. Priceless.

And I get to write a camping scene! I have absolutely no idea, why it makes me happy. Hm.

A.T.T. Just try to guess, who hired Crag for a hit on our boy…