On Horses

I should give Verra a horse (raven black small Highlander mare with a meaningful—or whimsical—name), which she used to ride, but cannot anymore because of Captain’s inability to assign an appropriate convoy to her.

She would think of her, when contemplating her options of escaping the Castle, maybe even visit the stable to pet her, while thinking about the offer she just received.

Marque recalls Verra being good on the horseback in the beginning already, I may expand on that a bit…

1 thought on “On Horses”

  1. All right, Verra just got herself a tiny shiny black Highlander mare, which she calls Harm (short of Harmony) because she threw her once, but they are fine now.
    In light of that development, I have recolored Nahim’s horse from black to bay, and made Illai’s Timid not a thoroughbred, but just a Highlander mix.
    I can now un-Wikipedia all the equine color names from my overflowing brain…

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