More Things to Draw

The Crests, curse it!

Stormhold (I am tempted to make the Eagle two-headed to symbolize something I am not yet sure of—the equaity of male and female heirs, perhaps—but it might be too Russian…), Stormhold City Watch (Eagle on top of a shield), Boarland, Foxvale… lots of stuff, and in the style I have not yet explored…

The Red Trident (I kinda tried, but it needs more work. Everything needs more work, hex it…)

Zurbah (the lions on top of the map are clip art, they should go…)

3 thoughts on “More Things to Draw”

  1. Yeah, crests are great. I do immediately think of Russia for the two-headed eagle, however I think that could be fixed if you invent a completely new style of heraldry…cause you don’t have enough work to do without that… :-)

    1. Another thing to draw (or Photoshop-fake) would be the chapter numbers, spelled out in Rim finger-count. I am desperately hoping, I will not use more than two hands…

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