Emptying that Hexed Mantel

It is happening! I have finally found a use for my pain enhancer. One more thing off the mantel (not without going back and fiddling with the chapter where it was first mentioned, but I think I managed to have the changes worked in smoothly). Go me.

I am now thinking about not killing one of the characters just yet. He is simply too potent to discard. I do realize, that once I do that, he shall be found sitting on that very mantel, dangling his feet and making funny faces at me, until I figure out how to use his abilities, but the challenge is on.


…I have just introduced a new character.

Yes. That’s right. I have four chapters to finish the main storyline (I really want the book to have a round number of them—thirty—for no particular reason, of course, just like I always do whatever I am doing at the moment), and then go on writing the Pre-Inter-After-ludes, and there may now be two people watching me from my mantle’s edge with a mien of total disapproval.

About those: I am toying with an idea of splitting the Prelude Ethelle story and moving the pirate skirmish scene and the one following it further along in the book, inserting them between Part I and Part II as Interlude I, and moving the final scene into Interlude II. The main goal that this move would accomplish is, of course, that I no longer have to write Interlude I and a part of Interlude II, which will likely save my readers from another 10,000-15,000 word avalanche, but there is also another reason: if the pirate scenes are moved to that spot, the readers will have no idea who Nahim is at the time he is introduced and throughout all his scenes. This way Dae’s past will look more intriguing.

I am more and more inclined to decide that this is a good idea :)

Site Update. Or Not.

I am considering moving the sample chapters of the book to the WordPress platform so my future alpha readers (when—and if—I ever have any) would be able to comment on the text, using the WP built-in functionality. That would require some extra effort from my webmaster (we have tried several plugins with no success, which means he has to write some bits of custom code), and that usually means time, but he should be OK, for I still have to finish the first draft :).

(69) Crawfish Update: Chemo 2.6 (#12)

All is going reasonably well, blood work is good (white cell count is through the roof again—after two injections of Neulasta $15,000 each), and all my unpleasant symptoms are within expected parameters—including the partial bluishness of my fingertips (the random spots are nothing to be afraid of, especially since they went away just as suddenly as they appeared).

PET scan next Friday, after that—more chemo, with the exact cocktail of ingredients to be determined after the scan. Adrucil, which causes sensitivity to cold and numbness of fingers and toes, is promised to be replaced by something else (with, I am sure, some other equally annoying side effects; I may actually start losing hair).

We shall see, I guess :|

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2 thoughts on “Emptying that Hexed Mantel”

  1. I think that splitting up the current Prelude to fill in some of the interludes is a great idea. My one concern about making Nahim more “mysterious” in this manner is that Crag is already mysterious and having two people after our boy and not knowing why either of them is pursuing him MAY be too hard to follow. Or not. I feel like we won’t know until you try it out and we get some of those alpha readers you mention involved in the feedback :-)

    1. I do not think the readers have to “follow” why there are two people after Daneal/Dae, they just have to know that, and I am not making it a secret. What remains hidden (if the revealing part of the Prelude story is delivered after Nahim declares his reason to go after Dae to Marque) are the actual motives of the two, which I think, adds to the mystery element of the narration.
      You are right, though, about the alpha readers input.
      On a different topic: I need a new name for Torvenn’s horse. Calling him after one of the Santa’s reindeer was an obvious brain fart from yours truly, and the name it is also used by P. V. Brett (Arlen’s mount is called Twilight Dancer). I am thinking Arrow or Dagger, leaning to the latter. :)

      A.T.T. And it has been done. :)

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