Nerding up the Prologue: Footnotes!

I just had an epiphany.

I am going to move most of the newly introduced made-up secondary world names from the very first “book excerpt” (about the Flats) into the footnotes, immediately following it, so people who do not care, can skip them and keep reading.

And those nerds who do care, can read footnotes!

I am a nerd, of course, but being hammered by a dozen made-up names of places on the first page seems a bit cruel…


Spat on everything, sat down and hammered 800 words in two hours. Probably crap—or mostly crap—but the camping scenes are finished, and I can get back to the Castle. At this point whatever moves me and all my people to the finish is good.


TTOW: 339,529 out of All Lord knows how many. Take that, 90,000-word novelists.

Another Chapter Finished


Chapter Eighteen—Things Avoided, Observed, and Decoded (working title, as usual), at a humble 18,633 words, thus bringing the total to 337,090.

Some minor plotlines were stumbled upon another stretch of discovery writing, hope they will eventually lead where they should.

One can only hope :-/

Just When I Thought I Invented It…


13% into reading The Essential Guide To Getting Your Book Published, and I find this:


One topic you can feel free to wax poetic on is the progress of your tome-to-be.

Just when I thought I invented it… :-/ On the other hand, it probably means that I am doing something right…

Just added: @22% – The Book Trailer


A.T.T. The tally of words: 330,000 and keeps growing. But I am done with the camping scene.

I Have Tried Something Today

Something, I had planned for distant future and was hoping it would work—and I am now confident, that it will, for I have tried it already and it does.

I use Scrivener for writing at home (when I can write at home), and, among other very useful features, it allows you to organize your scenes by different tags you assign to them. I tagged all the scenes by the character’s point of view.

I have eight POV characters. That’s right. Eight. I know, that I am fundamentally wrong. Nobody does that, but George R. R. Martin and Robert Jordan, but it felt right, when I just started, knowing little about the craft, so I kept adding POVs, as I went along, and now I have eight.

Well, less, since I killed a couple, bringing the tally to five.

The point is, that I got stuck, trying to switch to Venny’s POV, and decided to go over his entire storyline to gain momentum and be able to keep going.

I am about halfway through, but t is working even better, then I expected. I have edited some scenes, changed some remarks, and I have a much clearer understanding of who he is as a person and where to take him as a character, for he is very important for the story.

This way it is also much easier to keep track of the character’s awareness of things, which are happening around him or her, but may not be obvious to the person, and it is very easy to lose track of, when writing multiple POVs one after another.

The Reason to Feel Good

I think, I have one. I only wrote a hundred of words today, but those were the ones, finishing the very important 3000+ word scene—negotiation between Illai and Dae, fighting for who is on top in the situation (the golden boy wins, hehe).

Not only—I think—I managed to make the exchange logical and believable, I have discovered (did I mentioned, that I am a discovery writer?) several absolutely logical and natural ways to progress the story forward, totally compatible with the backstory I have in mind.

Yay to meself.

As much as I was reluctant to follow the traditional “fantasy quest” formula, I am now set on sending Dae alongside Illai, Ngale, and Marque on the short trip to the Norlay Mountain Ridge to look for the Serpent’s egg. This way Verra gets left in the Castle all alone (not counting Venny) to deal with the sudden development of her father’s unexpected illness, and Dae gets to piss Marque off a few more times. Priceless.

And I get to write a camping scene! I have absolutely no idea, why it makes me happy. Hm.

A.T.T. Just try to guess, who hired Crag for a hit on our boy…