Random Things Learned on Writing Forums

Nearing the completion of the first draft (I cannot believe I am actually saying this out loud, but, according to my calculations, I should be done in about two to four chapters—which, in all fairness, might take quite a while, considering my propensity to endless expansion), I decided to extend my web presence a little, while gaining some “credits”/”karma points” along the way, which would let me post excerpts of my own writing for critique, once I am actually finished with the first draft.

It also allows me to stall a little while pondering upon what I am to do with the next scene—whatever it is.

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On Dae’s Reason to Come to Stormhold

Not, that I want to change it—he is definitely dispatched there by Atta—it’s just that he would, probably, never tell the truth about it to Ngale. Seems out of character. He should joke about it and maybe later admit that someone recommended the place as a nice city to visit, which would make Ngale suspect something. Dae should tell it to Verra, though, so the reader knows the truth. 

Another Bit of Worldbuilding

Just thought of another cool thing, already put it in (that is in a very beginning):

“Their capital, Zuhle, is a mountain…”

“Do you mean, that it is built on a mountain?”

“More like within, my lady. They built great many buildings on the surface of the mount, and then they ran out of land, so they started burrowing in. Today the whole mountain is a city. Or the city is a mountain—you can say it so and it will still be true. It is absolutely magnificent… the Library, the Judgment Temple, the Palace… During the excavation of the grounds they discovered a series of caverns inside the mountain, one of which is now used as a most prestigious Music Hall of the land. The complex of connecting caves provides a very unique pattern of echoing through the space, drastically different, depending on the performer’s position on the stage. A single voice or instrument can sound like a choir or the full orchestra…”