Just When I Thought I Invented It…


13% into reading The Essential Guide To Getting Your Book Published, and I find this:


One topic you can feel free to wax poetic on is the progress of your tome-to-be.

Just when I thought I invented it… :-/ On the other hand, it probably means that I am doing something right…

Just added: @22% – The Book Trailer


A.T.T. The tally of words: 330,000 and keeps growing. But I am done with the camping scene.

Another Thought

On marketing: release a fragment of the book on WriteOn. (this one is from Dar)

I like it. Which portion is debatable. While the prologue is, basically, a self-contained short (well, a 14,000 words short) story, it is seemingly unrelated to the events of the book, yet it is a clear character introduction, and the world-building is rather different from what I read before.

Another idea: release a free chapter in an audiobook form (guess, who would be asked to narrate :-)…)

I am thinking The Orange Tent, for it is a single female POV, and that chapter is directly related to the story, and has a small-scale, but quite inciting event for my main female character.

Just thinking…

The tally of words as of today: 325,566 out of (tentatively) 400,000. I like round even numbers.

An Idea

What posessed me today was an idea of releasing the worldbuild before I publish (or self-publish, which is way more likely) the book.

The maps.

The floor plans.

Dae’s sketches.

etc. ???

Raising awareness through Kickstarter or likes of it—I give you the World, already built, you give me the story set in it, and see how it fits within mine? An fundraising inverse version of fan fiction? Write me a story, set in the world I built for you (I set the general rules, of course, for it is a sword-and-shield level civilization, no firearms, etc.), and, if selected, get published alongside my humble self?

Is anyone stupid enough to bite on that?

That is the question…