On Dragon’s Physiology

I have finally come up with a totally original concept for the Dragon’s physiology (about time, too—only 4/5 of the story done)! I now know how it works!

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371,000 going on 372,000

Quite a pathetic tally for the month of November. Some people write novels during that time, and all I managed to bang out is twelve thousand words. On the other hand, some people simply stop shaving and think that it will help their cause. Still puzzles me.

What is making me so slow, is the necessity to choreograph quite a few things (seemingly unconnected), happening at the same time with different characters in different places. Being chiefly a discovery writer does not make that easier. Nope. Quite the opposite.

It does, however, have some bright moments, especially when the important plot points suddenly start to fit together as snugly as though you were planning it to happen from the very beginning. Trust me, I did not. When it happens, it comes as a nice surprise to me. I love it when the story writes itself.

It just takes much more time…

One scene away from finishing the chapter. One short scene. Or two. I can do it.

Perhaps, if I stop editing myself as I go? Nah. Feels like I already established my method (I better have, in all the time I’ve spent on this thing), going to stick to what works.

And as for the length of the thing… well, I might end up somewhere between Gone With the Wind and War and Peace (see below). We shall see.



A.T.T. The blog got a facelift—to match the main site. Something is progressing somewhere.

The Amendments to the Magic System of Gifts

I have decided not to limit the magic system of Gifts to the original idea of them being only normal human abilities, developed to the next level. It is still going to be true to the Gifts like Mender, Reader, Sentinel, etc., but even a Musician does not fall under this category, since absolute pitch is not hearing, but the way the brain processes the sound.

The mental abilities are different: Twinlinks, Listeners, Whisperers, Compellers, and now a sliver of telekinesis with freshly Discovered Nudger (tentatively), gives much more flexibility to the system…

Awakening Magic

From older notes:

The traditional concepts of awakening magic, like spells, passes/gestures, potions and so on, must be tied to the three kinds of magic, discussed earlier. For the Gifts, spell could be a concentration mantra, to help to invoke the ability, gestures—a combination of moves, like a dance or a martial art form, performed for the same reason. Potions, naturally, are performance enhancing drugs. For the Imprinted (Souled? Sounds too close to “soiled”, but that could be the case, too…) Objects—the same principle, for the Heeder needs to get himself into the state of trance to communicate with the stored soul.

The spell for the Magical Object could be a voice command for a higher tech, gesture as well, a form of interface, potion could be fuel for some of them, or catalyst of sorts…

Three Concepts of Magic (from older notes)

  1. Gifts—Natural (and not so natural) human abilities, taken to the extreme, like strength, speed, or senses (sight, hearing, smell, all of them).
  2. The six highest leaders of the Mountain Rim Sanctuary had achieved the next stage of telepathic connection—collective consciousness. Every one of them resides in one of six towers of the Rim, watching over the Haven Valley and the Outside World. They rule as one, they have a singular memory pool, and a singular personality. When one of them dies, one of the Devoted (a Twinlink, who was accidentally, or on purpose, severed from their sibling) steps in, so there is always six. This is as close to an immortality, as it could be. Instead of rejuvenating one body, the conclave just replaces one of the six. They has(!) no fear of death, naturally.

  3. Magical Objects (Artifacts)—mysterious objects which do random things. Based on the known postulate, that a higher tech from a more advanced civilization is indistinguishable from pure magic. A magnifying glass could be perceived by a caveman as higher magic, than a laser pointer, and in many ways more practical as well.
  4. Imprinted and Souled Objects (objects, which carry information or emotions).