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On marketing: release a fragment of the book on WriteOn. (this one is from Dar)

I like it. Which portion is debatable. While the prologue is, basically, a self-contained short (well, a 14,000 words short) story, it is seemingly unrelated to the events of the book, yet it is a clear character introduction, and the world-building is rather different from what I read before.

Another idea: release a free chapter in an audiobook form (guess, who would be asked to narrate :-)…)

I am thinking The Orange Tent, for it is a single female POV, and that chapter is directly related to the story, and has a small-scale, but quite inciting event for my main female character.

Just thinking…

The tally of words as of today: 325,566 out of (tentatively) 400,000. I like round even numbers.

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  1. I would need to practice a lot if you are to go with the audiobook idea! I started reading the Orange Tent aloud (to the little one’s immense enjoyment) to see how I sound. I definitely need to do some research by listening to many different female narrators. Also the chemist’s accent eludes me. It’s much easier to invent a language than it is to invent an accent in your own language. So far it either sounds like various stereotypes from our own world, or a silly and odd form of baby-talk and speech impediments!!…

    1. There should be something like “Narrating for Dummies” out there on the web, I am sure there is some free tips as well (what comes to mind is “on comma, count to one, on full stop, two”, etc. I think you have all the potential, though.
      As for the accent, I am tempted to say, it’s a job of an actor, not narrator. I explain the accent, I give a few words to illustrate it, then I just go on (as we at some point agreed, and I had to trace back and remove all the literal transcription of it, remember?).
      I think it was a right decision. Ngale talks a lot, and it was difficult to read (what’s all right for Squirrel and Hevva, was not working for the POV character). And it slowed down writing, too.
      But overall, I think it’s a cool idea.. (narrate a sample, that is).

      1. In addition to that: after listening to this episode of Writing Excuses, I have an idea for a book trailer.
        Apparently, it’s a new trend in book marketing (and I have seen a few of those already on TV), and it’s picking up quite well.
        And I have a very clear vision of a really-really-really low budget 30 sec. or less book trailer, which can be either shot live, or even be animated (live version is preferred).
        No props. No costumes. Just a black-and-white close ups of slowly blinking eyes, morphing into each other, with the iris being the only colored part AND of a different color every time it opens (for all the Old Bloods in the book—Verra, Dae, Marque, Venny, Orrikh—yes, she is one of those, too, otherwise the Rim would not abduct her), and a tagline-style narration behind each blink to introduce the character (those will need a lot of work)…
        The last eye opened is the one of the Dragon, with the X-shaped slit, dissolving into the glowing red-hot iron brand of the Wheel of Sacrifice…
        More on that later…

        1. This is just to summarize Dar’s ideas for the trailer tags (I am trying to make this blog a source to refer to, because the emails have a tendency to disappear, and I would not want to loose those…)

          I imagine the frames speeding up with each image. The “/” indicates when the eye opens.

          And BTW: I believe your title should just be To Kill A Dragon

          (Dae’s eye)
          A stranger / with a past
          (Verra’s eye)
          A princess / with no future
          (Marque’s eye)
          A friend / long lost
          (Venny’s eye)
          A lover / newly found
          (Ngale’s eye)
          A guide / chosen
          (Orrikh’s eye)
          A path / destined
          (All 6 open eyes in rapid succession either open or closed, whichever works better visually)
          There’s more than one reason
          (Dragon’s eye)
          To Kill / A Dragon…

          I have many layers (like an ogre!) for picking these descriptions for each character and the story overall. Would be happy to break it all down for you in true analytical fashion. But I’d love a first impression…first!

          Love most of it!
          For Dae it could also be an exiled heir, but I like past and no future tags
          A friend long lost was supposed to be Orrikh
          Will definitely think more

          In reference to Marque it means that he is “long lost” (has lost his purpose) also, each pairing is a pairing of opposites. And, without any knowledge of the story (as with any trailer) each description could also refer to many parts of the narrative or even just themes in the story a.k.a. Reasons to kill the dragon (friend long lost can be Orrikh to Dae, Dae’s teacher to Dae, even Dae to his own sense of purpose)

          Anyway, you can also switch Orrikh’s eye with Marque’s and the captions would also work (Marque finds his destiny in this quest) AND there will be better color variety (the very dark skin and very light skin not both being at the end) Just a thought!

    1. Boo! But it’s so obscure…and it’s a movie based on a book called “Dragon”. So there’s no book called “To Kill A Dragon”. Just saying. And if you don’t buy into my logic (which is entirely your right as the author), I still feel “the Reason to kill a dragon” is too long/clunky…that means that instead of just shortening it, a whole new title should be found…

      1. I was, actually, contemplating something even lengthier, like “An Impending/Imminent/Looming, etc. Reason to Kill a Dragon”… but I am not sure yet.
        “To Kill a Dragon” sounds more energetic, I agree… but it was used before, even though it’s a movie…
        the search for “” on Google does not return any results (which is something that needs to be addressed in the future by the webmaster…)

  2. We spoke of this briefly, but I shall put it in writing for future reference:
    my thought on a longer title is that it conveys a whimsical style that does not correspond to your novel. Every long-titled book I’ve read (or read about) has a certain feel to it, and to title your book with something lengthy may be misleading to the reader, and stop them from enjoying the novel solely based on their preconceptions of it.

    Here’s my new title suggestion: Reason To Kill A Dragon
    Drop the article in the beginning and you still get the same title, but slightly cleaned up :-)

  3. I don’t mind, but we could explore more in that direction, like, for instance, “Kill Me a Dragon”, “Kill You a Dragon”? Not sure…

    1. Okay, I like exploring…
      I kinda like “Kill Me A Dragon”


      “When A Dragon Needs Killing” (a bit too conversational, I think)
      “A Dragon To Kill” (no, that’s not Yoda-talk for “To Kill A Dragon”!)….
      I’ll keep thinking! :-)

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