An Idea

What posessed me today was an idea of releasing the worldbuild before I publish (or self-publish, which is way more likely) the book.

The maps.

The floor plans.

Dae’s sketches.

etc. ???

Raising awareness through Kickstarter or likes of it—I give you the World, already built, you give me the story set in it, and see how it fits within mine? An fundraising inverse version of fan fiction? Write me a story, set in the world I built for you (I set the general rules, of course, for it is a sword-and-shield level civilization, no firearms, etc.), and, if selected, get published alongside my humble self?

Is anyone stupid enough to bite on that?

That is the question…

4 thoughts on “An Idea”

  1. People would totally go for that. I think it’s great to introduce the world prior to publishing. Only concern I can think of is can you guarantee publishing? (I mean I guess if you’re self-publishing, there is a guarantee.) Regardless, I think there are plenty of people out there who would write a story just for fun and it’s still publicity, so I say do it. But I would wait to launch anything until at least the first draft (if not the second) is complete. You’ll still be a little ways away from publishing, but not so far away as to have people who donate on Kickstarter and/or submit stories forget about you.

    1. Absolutely, not before the first draft (I will not have time to work on the illustrations before that), and the details are to be carefully deliberated.
      But at least it’s somewhat newish idea (or is it not?) :-)

      1. Somewhat. The “pre-fan” fan fiction idea seems original to me. Releasing a world before releasing a novel has definitely been done before, but that is not to say the idea is without merit. In fact, I think the reason people do it is because it’s a great way to publicize and to gauge just how much potential your world has.

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