More on Naming Convention

While treating myself to some more of The First Law Trilogy between scenes (taking time to get back into Venny’s state of mind), suddenly became worried about the name of Western Domain’s capital, Verlette, which strays a little from my self-imposed naming convention.

It now looks too French to me, probably because of the ‘ette‘. I am also not a fan of the ‘Ver‘ at the beginning, makes it look similar to Verra’s name, and for a dyslexic like myself, it’s a problem.

Leaves me with just an ‘l‘ in the middle, doesn’t it? Not much to work with.

So, if I get rid of the ‘Ver‘…

Ferlett, Ferlann, Fairlann, Ferlemm, Ferlepp, Farleaf, Farliff… hm.

The capital of Corealm and the whole Domain. Should be something stronger.

How about just Core? Or Lore? I like the latter.


Another Thing for the Mantel

After typing out three scenes, which apparently wrote themselves completely against my will—and are now demanding at least one follow-up scene—I have another addition to my already filling up mantel.

Torq—Marque’s horse—has just joined the ranks of Lady Seyanna,  Onnoquo, and the pain-enhancing potion.

Lady Seyanna Hillborn has no lines whatsoever, and in my honest opinion, in novels people without lines do not deserve to have names. It was however, difficult and awkward to refer to her ladyship as just “a mid-tier local noblewoman” in the scenes where she is mentioned, so now I have to deal with her somehow.

She resides in the City, so the most likely access to her would be through Illai’s POV.

I just need to invent a purpose for her.

What if… Ah. Got it. It is relatively easy…

The two (or three) scenes, which just materialized out of nowhere, were a new (or somewhat new, as the person was brushed past before) character introduction through real interaction with the people we already know.

The person is now fleshed out and acting—a few days before I initially planned to activate the character—and I have a chance to tie together several seemingly unrelated plot lines in one tight knot. It might, however, end up being a distraction from the main story line, so I am not yet set on it… we shall see.


The talking pet bird clearly needs more say in the narrative. Yes, pun intended. Shall work on that. Access POVs: Venny? Northhill? Verra? Nobody else is in the Castle at the moment. Hm…

The pain enhancer is still the hardest to deal with. Why in the Void had I thunked up such a thing?

I should be able to put it to good use, though—after all, I had not a clue how Marque’s Gift actually worked for the better part of the book, and now the magic of it is shaping up rather believably, at least I think it is…

So… The pain enhancer. That might need some work…


TTOW: 386,500 or close

379,500. Inching to the main stand-off.

Four more scenes. Inching to the main stand-off. Why in the Void have I created so many characters who are in constant conflict with each other?

Unrelated note: just realized that Verra cannot see the sky over the Bridge Market from her washroom, so the passage of her noticing smoke when the corpse of the dog was burned has to go. It did not serve any real purpose, so I made the manuscript shorter by half-a-hundred words. What an achievement.

I am looking forward to the first revision to actually simmer the book down to a slimmer size, but I am rather sure it will never be reduced to paperback dimensions… oh, well.

As a reward for finishing the new scenes, treated myself with The Death of Dulgath by Michael J. Sullivan. Easily my favorite of the Riyria Chronicles. Still wish I’d read the Chronicles before the Revelations, in chronological order (I am weird that way), but it is too late, besides, The Death of Dulgath was not yet written then…