Blog Maintenance: Got Rid of the Header Image.

Had it up for a couple of weeks, then got tired of it. It would take up too much space…
On a separate note: why do all the book covers for fantasy novels look like they were made by the same artist?

this is just the result of a random Amazon search… (with the exception of Brian Harmon’s “Rushed” and the book with the chick in a red silk diaper) Hm.

Nerding up the Prologue: Footnotes!

I just had an epiphany.

I am going to move most of the newly introduced made-up secondary world names from the very first “book excerpt” (about the Flats) into the footnotes, immediately following it, so people who do not care, can skip them and keep reading.

And those nerds who do care, can read footnotes!

I am a nerd, of course, but being hammered by a dozen made-up names of places on the first page seems a bit cruel…


Spat on everything, sat down and hammered 800 words in two hours. Probably crap—or mostly crap—but the camping scenes are finished, and I can get back to the Castle. At this point whatever moves me and all my people to the finish is good.


TTOW: 339,529 out of All Lord knows how many. Take that, 90,000-word novelists.

Castle Strata

The unfortunate abstinence of writing (life gets in the way all the time) makes me resort to stealing a second or two to blog random things—this is an unfinished sketch of Castle Strata as seen from the Up City cliffs, found in Dae’s notebooks—just to make me feel that I am not abandoning my story…