The Reason to Feel Good

I think, I have one. I only wrote a hundred of words today, but those were the ones, finishing the very important 3000+ word scene—negotiation between Illai and Dae, fighting for who is on top in the situation (the golden boy wins, hehe).

Not only—I think—I managed to make the exchange logical and believable, I have discovered (did I mentioned, that I am a discovery writer?) several absolutely logical and natural ways to progress the story forward, totally compatible with the backstory I have in mind.

Yay to meself.

As much as I was reluctant to follow the traditional “fantasy quest” formula, I am now set on sending Dae alongside Illai, Ngale, and Marque on the short trip to the Norlay Mountain Ridge to look for the Serpent’s egg. This way Verra gets left in the Castle all alone (not counting Venny) to deal with the sudden development of her father’s unexpected illness, and Dae gets to piss Marque off a few more times. Priceless.

And I get to write a camping scene! I have absolutely no idea, why it makes me happy. Hm.

A.T.T. Just try to guess, who hired Crag for a hit on our boy…

The Peat Sisters

It bothered me a little that while the oldest and the youngest sisters are called Neena and Nonna, the middle one was given a structurally different name—Noriella. Seems odd for the parents to name their kids inconsistently.

So… Neenaeve (always wanted to steal this name), Noriella, Nonnalen. Makes much more sense. Neena and Nonna gals just prefer their short names over the longer ones.

On the Time Measurement System

So far the time measurement system goes like this:

Lunar calendar (Moon/Norphelail)

1 Week = 7 Days

1 Month = 4 Weeks = 28 Days (full phase of Norphelail, new moon to new moon)

1 Year = 13 Months = 52 Weeks = 364 Days (I added one extra month—in comparison to the familiar Earth calendar—just to keep the length of the year close to ours and to keep character ages relate-able).

Oh!!! Better yet: in the ancient times there were 14 months (to keep things round and balanced), but some mythical creature stole one… could be Zurbahnian or Kuomoqo folk tale… (that, actually, plays to the theory that Artifacts are, indeed, an alien tech, left on the planet after the crash of the interstellar vessel, which created the Flats, and altered the planet’s orbit, speeding it up… aside from the fact, that no fauna would survive the catastrophe of that magnitude, and all the life forms would have to re-evolve from scratch. Yes, it’s a Darwinist fantasy. Or it could be just a tale. :-) )

Day consists of 24 hours, 12-hour count resets at halfnight and halfday:

A(fter)H(alf)N(ight) P(ast)H(alf)D(ay), e.g. 10 AHN, 4 PHD

Days of the week:

Moonday, Rainday, Winday, Earthday, Fireday, Starday, Sunday

Month of the year (so far):

Sacrifice, Ice, Flight, Melt, Seed, Water, Grow, Harvest, Keep, Feast, Rains, Snow, Frost (many need work, but the story is set during the month of Feast, that one is all right, I think).

Western Countries adopted the year count since the Sacrifice, but got the date wrong.

The story is set in the Year 1000, near the end of the First Millennium.

Should I play more with this, to make it strang-er? Call the weeks “spans” or something, just to de-familiarize the world a bit? Months could be “moons”, etc.

More Things to Draw

The Crests, curse it!

Stormhold (I am tempted to make the Eagle two-headed to symbolize something I am not yet sure of—the equaity of male and female heirs, perhaps—but it might be too Russian…), Stormhold City Watch (Eagle on top of a shield), Boarland, Foxvale… lots of stuff, and in the style I have not yet explored…

The Red Trident (I kinda tried, but it needs more work. Everything needs more work, hex it…)

Zurbah (the lions on top of the map are clip art, they should go…)

Another Bit of Worldbuilding

Just thought of another cool thing, already put it in (that is in a very beginning):

“Their capital, Zuhle, is a mountain…”

“Do you mean, that it is built on a mountain?”

“More like within, my lady. They built great many buildings on the surface of the mount, and then they ran out of land, so they started burrowing in. Today the whole mountain is a city. Or the city is a mountain—you can say it so and it will still be true. It is absolutely magnificent… the Library, the Judgment Temple, the Palace… During the excavation of the grounds they discovered a series of caverns inside the mountain, one of which is now used as a most prestigious Music Hall of the land. The complex of connecting caves provides a very unique pattern of echoing through the space, drastically different, depending on the performer’s position on the stage. A single voice or instrument can sound like a choir or the full orchestra…”