An Idea

What posessed me today was an idea of releasing the worldbuild before I publish (or self-publish, which is way more likely) the book.

The maps.

The floor plans.

Dae’s sketches.

etc. ???

Raising awareness through Kickstarter or likes of it—I give you the World, already built, you give me the story set in it, and see how it fits within mine? An fundraising inverse version of fan fiction? Write me a story, set in the world I built for you (I set the general rules, of course, for it is a sword-and-shield level civilization, no firearms, etc.), and, if selected, get published alongside my humble self?

Is anyone stupid enough to bite on that?

That is the question…

To The List Of Illustrations

Floor plan of the Keep, at least of the Verra’s quarters.

Map of Stormhold Castle

Map of Stormhold City (?)

Map of the Circle of Known Lands (this one I at least started…)

Floor plan of The Oaken Chest

What else? (and when… during the review of the first draft by the not yet formed group of alpha readers?)

The Amendments to the Magic System of Gifts

I have decided not to limit the magic system of Gifts to the original idea of them being only normal human abilities, developed to the next level. It is still going to be true to the Gifts like Mender, Reader, Sentinel, etc., but even a Musician does not fall under this category, since absolute pitch is not hearing, but the way the brain processes the sound.

The mental abilities are different: Twinlinks, Listeners, Whisperers, Compellers, and now a sliver of telekinesis with freshly Discovered Nudger (tentatively), gives much more flexibility to the system…

The Concept of a Prophecy

It is not the question of whether there should be one. Of course, there should, I am writing a fantasy novel after all. The challenge is to approach the Prophecy from a different angle, and so far the idea is that the prophecies are made by people, and the people are often wrong.

So the six versions of the Recital of Sacrifice, which are in use in five Regions of Western Domain and a Westerner’s settlement in Zurbah, are admittedly different, and I made sure that it is known from the very beginning of the book.

Ngale studies all versions in search of a system, which would allow him to put the described/foretold events in a meaningful order, and expecting them to happen, while Illai scrutinizes the events, which actually took place, arranging them into a grid of foretold ones, and trying to decide if the pattern makes sense.

The trick is to make the Prophecy questionable and believable at the same time, giving the reader a freedom to choose, which parts of it to believe, and which to disregard until further development of the story, to provoke and tease at the same time…

A Name Change

Started to watch the third Hobbit installation, and suddenly realized, that Torrenn sound very much like Thorin (Oakenshield). Changing the name to Torvenn. That was easy (Project Find and Replace in Scrivener). And it even sounds more, like a sibling name for Verra’s brother. Torvenn Normann Stormhold. All right, then.

Verra Keira Stormhold, however, might need some work. Corriolain—for her mother’s name? Will work for a dead character for now. Verra Corriolain Stormhold. Sounds regal enough.

Another scene finished. Words so far: 285,844

Structural Amendments

I have decided to continue with the Flats theme throughout the whole book, so I am inserting interludes between the parts, carrying on with Barge, Squirrel and Duck story. I just feel like dropping the whole world of the Flats after the prologue is a waste of an interesting and rather unusual settings for some hard-core action.

Thus the structure will be:


Part I

Interlude I

Part II

Interlude II

Part III


More words to write, hex it.